Just Fall Back

An interesting exercise in trust is falling backwards into the arms of another person. Have you ever done this?  Someone says to you, “I am going to blindfold you and will stand right behind you. And when I say ‘go’, you fall into my arms.  I promise, I will catch you.”

It is unnerving; however, with this exercise comes an element of daring courage. It’s risky, yet, you know, deep down, you want to go through with it. A number of questions race through your mind as you prepare for this backward and downward dive.

I have participated in an activity just like this, numerous times. And, as I am sitting here writing, I remember the feelings so vividly. Anticipation mixed with the rush of excitement and dastardly fear are break dancing on the inside as I prepare myself for this impending downward journey.  In fact, I recollect the conversation I had with myself every time I prepared for this test in dependence. ‘Can this person catch me? Will they catch me? Does this person like me? Have I lost my mind?’

I cross my arms over my upper body. With clenched fists, I stabilize my position by planting my feet firmly under my frame, closing my eyes tightly behind the blindfold.  I, then, begin another inward dialogue, with myself: “What are ‘you’ doing, and why in the world would ‘you’ put ‘yourself’ in a position to fall into the arms of this person? Why are ‘you’ blindfolded? Remove the blindfold and just walk away.”

Trusting God with the details of our lives is very much the same. He is says to each one of us, “Fall back into my arms, and allow me to I catch you. Allow me to handle the elements of your life – I promise, I won’t let you fall. In fact, I will guide you on the journey. Just listen for my voice, trust my promoting and suggestions – even when they don’t make sense. I promise, I will catch you”.

Trust is defined as having confident expectation or hope in something. Oftentimes when circumstances shift from what is anticipated to an unexpected end, we may find it difficult to go back to that place of trusting the Lord. Instead of finding yourself standing with determined assurance, knowing when you fall back HE will be there, hesitation, resistance and a fresh memory are glaring at you, in your rear view mirror.

The beauty of committing to placing confidence in God is that we are not responsible for the outcome. HE is. And, when we go at it on our own, as we are known to do, He somehow uses our victories and challenges for our good and His Glory. One of my favorite Bible characters is David – he epitomizes utter dependence on God, AND the ‘I will handle things on my own’ mentality. When he leaned in to God’s provision, he was met with victory – although, not always an easy task. And when he took things into his own hands, disaster came knocking on his door – Hello Bathsheba!

Trusting God with our lives is unnerving; it requires daring courage and patience – in measure.  There are times when we must talk to ourselves and remember that He is God and He can, in fact, manage everything that concerns us. It may feel risky, however, the payoff is far more beneficial than when we rely on our own strength and abilities. He promises provision for every area of our lives.

Here’s my challenge for you: Identify areas in your life where you can begin to trust God. Stand tall, plant your feet, cross your arms over your chest, close your eyes and fall back. He will not only catch you, He will be with you through the entirety of your journey.