about Cheryl Luke



Hey there - Thanks for stopping by!

You’ll find that I’m fairly simple – I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, great-aunt, anotha’ motha’ and a friend.

I LOVE gatherings. There's something magical about hanging out with good folk. I enjoy sharing meals with loved ones. I’ll even do the cooking - Sunday Dinner, anyone? Great stories and lots of laughter give me life! 

Speaking, coaching, writing (hesitantly), travel and music (a mashup of worship and good old-school R&B are my jams)  are just a few of the other delights in my life.

I LOVE people!

I am committed to helping the generations connect with their God-given intention and embrace the story of their lives.

My life’s goal is to engage and equip others to accept Christ’s unyielding love and share it with those around them.


Everyone - EVE-RY-ONE -  has an extraordinary gift to offer humanity, a specific seat at the table and a voice to be heard.

You are welcome here! I sincerely hope you’ll find this space insightful, challenging, engaging and fun - look around, read my pieces and contact me.

I pray that my content will motivate you to take full advantage of everything this adventure, called LIFE, has to offer!


Everyday I am reminded of how grateful I am to do life with a wealth of earth changing people & partners. Here are some of my favorites:
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